The European Union has allowed the free movement of goods and people for many years. However, taxation remains the responsibility of the individual States. This results in multiple divergences which make it difficult for European companies to internationalise.  

The intra-Community VAT regime is still transitional, corporation tax is unequal both in terms of tax rates and in terms of the calculation of the taxable base, and the deduction at source of income tax does not exist in all States.

Like French taxation, Spanish taxation is complex and is constantly evolving over the years. 

A non-submitted or erroneous tax return, a poorly managed tax audit, or a neglected communication from the tax authorities can cost a company dearly.

The success of setting up in Spain, Italy or Portugal depends on effective and competent local advice. 


We can support you in your tax procedures, assist you during tax audits and help you optimise the taxation of your Spanish, Italian or Portuguese subsidiary.

Our French chartered accountants based in Madrid and Barcelona will advise you on the application and repercussions of the current texts on taxation.

Our expert knowledge of tax rules based on the principle of monitoring tax regulations makes it possible for you to be confident of your declarations in Spain.

We advise our clients in the search for the best Spanish taxation solutions within the framework of our recurring accounting and administrative missions.