Company assessment and diagnosis

How much is my company worth? This question can arise in many cases: Transfer/acquisition of shares, corporate restructuring, asset transactions, employee savings operations, tax assessments, etc.

The valuation of a company cannot be improvised and knowing the value of it makes it possible to establish a precise company “diagnosis”. The objective is also to guide the entrepreneur in their strategy and management decisions, thus maintaining or maximising the value of the company.

SORECO has assisted its clients in the assessment and diagnosis of their business in Spain for more than 20 years.

The objective of our work is to:

  • present the context of the operation,
  • carry out an accounting and financial diagnosis,
  • choose the valuation method(s) to be used (heritage methods, analogical methods, prospective methods, etc.),
  • summarise the calculations and return a range of values.
Company assessment and diagnosis