Administrative procedures

Our firm has specialised in accounting and tax monitoring of Spanish subsidiaries of French companies for more than 20 years. With the understanding that the language barrier and distance often make the administrative and commercial management of your subsidiary difficult, we offer you outsourcing of the following services:

Administrative outsourcing:

  • receipt of your post and sending of the most important documents by email,
  • archiving of your documents,
  • drafting and translation of your administrative and commercial documents,
  • management of your relationship with the bank,
  • preparation of your transfers.

Commercial outsourcing:

  • preparation of client invoices,
  • enveloping of invoices,
  • sending invoices to customers by post or courier,
  • cashing cheques,
  • collecting customer debts.

Social outsourcing:

  • sending the payslips of all your employees by e-mail or by post,
  • ordering, receiving and distributing meal vouchers.
Administrative procedures